19 Plants That NASA Says Will Keep a Home’s Air Cleaner

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snake plant

We love houseplants for so many reasons. They’re an inexpensive, pretty way to add vibrancy and life to any space. They are cheerful and brighten up smaller homes, they can make a room feel more “finished” than it had before, in terms of decor, and they can be useful for cooking and medicine (we love keeping an aloe plant in the kitchen). For people with green thumbs, they’re a fun project, and for those of us with black thumbs, there are still plenty of very low-key, low-light plants that can be a great fit for our homes (including many on this list). For those looking to find plants that can easily move between the indoors and the outdoors, check out 8 Plants You Can Grow Inside AND Outside, and for anyone looking for great plants to grow this summer, try 16 Plants That Are Easy to Grow on the Patio.

However, for those of us looking for indoor house plants to keep the air fresh in our homes, we’ve got a great list here of plants that aren’t just beautiful to look at from a decor perspective, they’re also really gorgeous for our lungs. As we know from our middle school biology classes, plants breathe out oxygen, so even plants not on this list are going to be great for adding some freshness and life to the home. However, what makes these plants especially interesting is that NASA did a study on them in particular. Basically, NASA researchers were interested in how to best cleanse the air in space stations (which makes sense) and their Clean Air Study revealed which plants are the most effective at removing chemicals from the air like formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, toulene, and ammonia. While we provided links to purchase them below, most of these plants are also easily available at any local greenhouse or nursery.

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