Troubled with monsoon blues? Take cue from these home decor ideas to beat them

Troubled with monsoon blues? Take cue from these home decor ideas to beat them!

Troubled with monsoon blues? Take cue from these home decor ideas to beat them! &nbsp

Key Highlights

  • It’s that time of the year, when people make the most of monsoon!
  • But if you are troubled with monsoon blues, here are some home-decor tips that can help keep them all at bay

It’s that time of the year when the season of rains is upon us. While most people across the world love monsoon and to a large extent, even romanticise it, one can’t deny that it brings with a certain gloominess. If you are, too, troubled by monsoon blues, you can cheer yourself up by indulging yourself in things and activities you love. But not many are aware that home decor, too, plays a big part in bringing up those blues, or beating them. 

 Anuradha Aggarwal, the creative director of Olivers Cre, a luxury interior design studio based in New Delhi, shares a few ideas you can beat those monsoon blues with. From making space for indoor plants and flowers to curating a personalised bookshelf and colouring it up a bit with throw pillows to opting for pastel shades in window covers, the ideas are easily doable. If executed with stuff already present at your home, the idea can totally revamp your living space without digging a hole in your pocket. 

Here, check out these ideas to break out of those monsoon blues:

Indoor plants and flowers:

Monsoon is the perfect season to have your home decorated with indoor plants. The moist environment compliments the growth and health of the indoor plants and in return accentuates your living spaces naturally and sustainably. Allow for bright and beguiling flowers around your home and in your garden-like lilies, tuberoses and roses. These will also fill your home with a sweet scent making you feel rejuvenated. Keep ferns and green plants inside to replicate a more organic environment.

Vibrant throw pillows:

Along with the refreshing rains, the monsoon brings in contrasting grey skies and a gloomy mood. Add some quirk to your bedroom and lounge by tossing in some vibrant throw pillows. The vivid colours will make your living space more lively, give it a more edgy look, as well as add zeal to your spirit.


Now imagine this- a cup of piping hot tea, your favourite Agatha Christie, curled up in a blanket on your sofa, while it pours outside- pure bliss right? When our passion for these amazing classics, combined with the love for the smell of a new book, outweighs the convenience of a kindle, the most logical and efficient addition to our interiors would be a smart bookshelf. Not only does it allow you to protect your prized books this monsoon, but also adds a vintage charm to your place. Enjoy arranging and re-arranging your books in those innovative bookshelves. 


While an indoor hammock may not be the most obvious addition to your home decor, lazing around on it on an idle Sunday afternoon with the sound of the rain patting on the window could embody pure contentment. Installing a hammock inside your living room or bedroom near the windows or covered balconies is the best way to enjoy the heavy showers on sombre days.

Accent Colours:

Bold colours when used in a living space help in brightening the area. Vibrant crockeries, pillows, throws, rugs or wall art can be used in accent colours against a neutral palette. These accent colours not only uplift your mood but makes your space more inviting and enriching. 


No, we’re not asking you to replace your precious Beyonce with Chopin. Adding a gramophone to your lounge adds to it a signature style statement and a graceful appeal. Taking you back to an era of romance and ballroom dances, it’s a classical product with an “old world charm”, which gives your home a sense of sophistication of the vintage era.

Sheer Window Dressing:

A heavy downpour or humid climate can make it unbearable to step outside. Inside, drapes made of velvet, jacquards, cotton or any other heavy material absorbs excessive moisture, creating a damper and muggy environment; to make your living expanse cooler and more airy, avoid heavy draperies. Replacing those with sheer or lace curtains with white, pastels and overall lighter colours will allow for some sunlight to stream in and give a breezier and fresh feel to your home. 

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