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Get ready to release your inner child…

Let’s be real: giving your kids’ room a makeover is just as much for your enjoyment as theirs. Whether you want to spruce up the bedding or you’re looking for some inspiring ways to liven up your little one’s space, this is your chance to have get your play on, while at the same time providing your child with a place of comfort and safety and fun.

The Living Room’s style queen, Kara Demmrich, shares her top tips for designing a functional, fun space for your kids that will grow with them.

The Living Room’s Kara On Her Best Kids Room Hacks
1. Be A Style Chameleon

Kids are notorious for changing their minds and personal tastes from minute to minute. And that’s totally OK — it’s all part of growing up. But it does mean versatility is key when it comes to styling a child’s bedroom.

Painting one of the bedroom walls in chalkboard paint is a great way for kids to be able to showcase their artistic skills and personalise their space, because they can change it up regularly. Simple things like a reversible quilt cover or peel-and-stick wall decals are also clever and super-easy updaters for kids with ever-changing tastes. As they get older — or even just get tired of their room’s theme — it’s easy to flip the quilt cover or swap out the decals for some fresh options.

Into The Woods Quilt Cover Set From Snooze.
2. Bunks: Not Just For School Camp

When it comes to choosing the best bed for a kids’ room, there are heaps of options available – and more than you might expect! If you’re short on space, why not look at bunk beds? They’re a great practical solution for room-sharers or sleepovers, and kids love them.

Kara’s favourite bunk bed is the Charlie Combo Bunk Frame from Snooze, fitted with a single top bunk and a double bottom bed. When they grow out of the single bed, they can move to the double, extending the life of the bed — did someone say cost-effective?!

Charlie Combo Bunk Frame
3. Throw Some Shades

Like all personal spaces in the home, colour is important in a kid’s bedroom. And it’s essential that you talk to your child before you open any paint tins or hang any picture — find out which colours they like use that hue as your base. Of course, if they’re too young to decide, you get to make the choice for them (oh no, what a shame!). If you’re calling the shots, Kara suggests opting for just a splash of colour and a more mature overall design that will grow as they do.

Fernanda Quilt Cover Set From Snooze.
4. Don’t Forget The Desk

Set your kids up for success by planning space for a desk in their room. Kids are constantly learning (and the older ones have homework, too) so it’s important to create a stylish creative workspace. Adding a desk to their bedroom will provide them with somewhere quiet to study as they grow up.

Kara’s style tip? Choose colourful, inspiring stationery and fun everyday study staples to dress up your child’s workspace and work in with your bedroom storage solutions. They’ll bring a sense of style and fun to the room — and might even make homework feel less of a chore.

Hipster Desk

Remember, decorating and designing a kid’s bedroom should be fun. Don’t hold back!

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