Sprucing Up Your Apartment without Breaking the Bank

A beautiful home is within reach.

If you are renting or buying your first home or apartment, chances are that you are due for an upgrade from the dorm decor of yesteryear. While the cutesy bedspread (mine was teacup print!) and publicly-displayed pop-up hamper once had their place, you deserve a beautiful and adult living space as you embrace the next phase in your life.

However, many of us who are early in our careers and/or are moving out for the first time are decorating on a tight budget. We drool over Pinterest and Pottery Barn catalogs while we pinch pennies.

What’s a girl to do?

Fortunately, the combined powers of your local secondhand store and access to online treasure troves in the digital age have made it possible to create a charming home on a shoestring budget. And I have the success stories to prove it.

Here are some tips on how to make your new place feel like home on the cheap:

01. Start popping tags.

Thrift stores often house unique finds in the way of furniture and decorations. The trick is to look with a creative eye and never compromise on quality.

Little details make a difference. I always make a beeline for the dishware at my local Goodwill. I love blue-and-white pottery, so I am perpetually on the lookout for orphaned cups and plates to hold my makeup and jewelry. Right now, I like to keep all of my earrings in a blue-and-white china saucer that I scored for 50 cents! Find a color scheme that strikes your fancy and scan the store for items that fall within that range.

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