Free Tickets For Clean-Up Volunteers And Upcycled Decor: This Day Party In St. Julian’s Is Set To Be Awesomely Eco-Friendly

Six years later, Blank keep changing the game

Dance events are one of Maltese people’s favourite pass-times, and there are dozens of promoters out there delivering pumping and unforgettable nights on a regular basis. Even with such an overpopulated and constantly active scene, however, some organisers still manage to shine bright.

Overcoming hurdles and thinking outside the box for over half a decade, Blank have broken free from traditional venues and starting times, organising day events at everywhere from Valletta’s Fort St. Elmo to Rabat’s Tal-Virtù Palace. Now, they plan to take that up a notch further with their latest bash.

Blank’s annual summer event at Villa Rosa’s glorious Beach Garden is back next week, with a whopping eight local and international DJs taking to the stage from 5pm onwards. Teaming up with Amsterdam showcase PIV, the Maltese promoters will also be sharing the DJ booth with some Dutch tastemakers for a day that’s already promising to be another big hit.

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But with all the hype already in place thanks to the reputation that precedes every Blank event, what really sets this day party apart is all its eco-friendly initiatives

Teaming up with local clean-up group Żibel, Blank have offered free tickets to any volunteers joining the young activists’ upcoming cleanups.

Żibel have two cleanups scheduled ahead of Blank’s annual bash, both of which will be targeting Xemxija Bay. Earlier today, a group of volunteers took to the northern beach for a coast and snorkel clean-up.

On the 25th, another clean-up will see divers take to the same beach, this time tackling Xemxija’s underwater landscape.

The trash that will be picked up today will also make an awesome appearance at Blank’s big bash

There’s no awareness quite like the tangible one you can see and quantify with your eyes, and these guys clearly know that all too well.

Blank’s party decor will include upcycled trash courtesy of Żibel’s clean-up, really helping bring the point home at a venue so tantalisingly close to the sea.

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As if that wasn’t enough, Blank are also giving away two free flights to Amsterdam

In a nod to fellow promoters PIV and in anticipation of a dance event happening in Amsterdam this October, Blank have teamed up with Air Malta to give away two free tickets to the Dutch capital of clubbing.

To complete the package, Blank will also be giving the two lucky winners tickets to the PIV showcase during the 2018 Amsterdam Dance Event, featuring four-time Grammy Award nominee Kennedy Dope.

Tickets for Blank are selling fast, but are available online from right here.

Tag someone who needs to join you to Blank… and to one of Żibel’s clean-ups!

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